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What is Pneumonia? Pneumonia Kya Hai?

Question : What is Pneumonia ?

Answer : Pneumonia is an inflammation of the lung caused by infection with bacteria, viruses and other organisms. Pneumonia is usually triggered when a patient defense system is weakened, most often by a simple viral upper respiratory tract infection or a case of influenza.

Pneumonia In Urdu:

Answer In Urdu : Pneumonia lungs ke infection mein bacteria, viruses aur bohat se germs ke zariye hota hai. Pneumonia ki 2 iqsaam hoti hain. Lobar pneumonia jo aik lung mein he hota hai aur Bronchial pneumonia jo dono lungs mein ho jata hai.

Types of Pneumonia : There are two main types of pneumonia. 1. Lobar. 2. Bronchial.
Lobar Pneumonia : Lobar pneumonia is when the infection invades one section, or lobe of a lung.
Bronchial Pneumonia : Bronchial Pneumonia is when the pneumonia spreads to several patches in one or both lungs. Each year about 5 million Americans develop pneumonia.

Question : What causes of Pneumonia ?

Answer : Pneumonia can also be caused by a cold or flu. This kind of pneumonia is called walking pneumonia. Pneumonia can also send you to bed coughing, with chills and a fever. In some instances, if your immune system is already compromised, pneumonia can be a serious threat to your life.

The usual cause of pneumonia is a virus or bacteria. However, some types of fungi and parasites can also cause it. Pneumonia can also be caused by breathing in chemicals fumes.

Answer In Urdu : Pneumonia thand aur flu ki wajah se bhi hota hai, is qisam ko walking pneumonia bhi kehte hain. Kuch qisam ke fungi aur parasites bhi is bemari ko banne mein madad dete hain. Chemicals fumes mein saans lene se bhi pneumonia aap ki sehat par asar andaaz ho jata hai.

Question : How is Pneumonia treated ?

Answer : Pneumonia is treated with rest and medications. It can take between a week and several weeks to overcome pneumonia.

Answer In Urdu : Pneumonia araam aur dawaon se thek ho jata hai. Ise thek hone mein aik ya aik se zaiyd haftey bhi lag sakte hain.

Question : What are the symptoms of pneumonia ?

Answer : The symptoms depend on if the pneumonia was caused by a virus or bacteria. Viral pneumonia and bacterial pneumonia have different symptoms.

Answer In Urdu : Pneumonia hone ke mukhtalif alamaat hote hain. Yeh viral pneumonia aur bacterial pneumonia ke mutabiq pata chalta hai ke kon sa pneumonia hai. Viral pneumonia mein flu se start hota hai. Fever, sir mein dard aur khushk khansi, muscles mein dard aur kamzori. 12 se 36 ghante ke bad yeh sari alamaat bad se bad tareen ho jati hai aur phir saans lene mein bhi dushwari peyda hoti hai. Bacterial pneumonia mein 105 degree tak bukhar pohanch jata hai, paseena bohat aata hai, pulse tezi se chalne lagti hai, seeney mein dard hota hai, balghami khansi bhi hone lagti hai aur phir ghabrahat bhi mehsoos hone lagti hai.

Viral pneumonia usually starts out feeling like flu. The symptoms are : a mild fever, head ache and dry cough, muscles aches, and weakness. However, with pneumonia, 12 to 36 hours later, things will become worse. Your cough will get stronger and you may bring up mucus, your fever may rise, and it becomes harder to breathe.
Bacterial pneumonia can develop slowly, or it can hit you very quickly. Your fever may get as high as 105 degrees.

The symptoms are pnemonia: high fever, chills, sweating, racing pulse, pain in your chest and you may cough up green aur rust colored mucus. You may also feel confused.

Complications of Pneumonia :

If not treated properly, pneumonia can cause acute respiratory distress syndrome, lung abscesses ( pus – filled cavities in the lungs ), bacteria in the blood, a collapsed lung, hemoptysis ( coughing up blood ), and death.

Complications of Pneumonia In Urdu :

Agar pneumonia patient ko waqt pe sahi ilaaj na kiya jaey to yeh us ki sehat ke liye bohat nuqsan dey sabit ho ga. Pneumonia bighar jaega. Respiratory syndromes kharab ho sakte hain, lungs sarh sakte hain, lungs mein ganda pani bhar sakta hai, khoon mein bacteria shamil ho sakte hain, khansi mein khoon aana shuru ho jata hai aur phir is tarha mareez ki jaan ja sakti hai.



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